Ana Fontoura Gouveia

Economist, Research Department of the Banco de Portugal,

Ana Fontoura Gouveia is an economist interested in public policy and political economy. She works at the Research Department of Banco de Portugal, in the Structural Research and Public Finance Division, and she is also an invited Assistant Professor (Adjunct) at Nova School of Business and Economics. From 2015 to early 2018, Ana was at the Portuguese Ministry of Finance, being responsible for the setting up of a new unit tasked with the ex-ante and ex-post assessment of structural reforms. She has also worked at the Portuguese Ministry for the Economy (2015), the European Central Bank (2008-2014) and Banco de Portugal (2004-2008). Over the years, Ana participated in different EU and OECD fora focusing on economic governance and structural policies. Ana holds a PhD in Economics from Nova SBE, with a dissertation on political economy of pension policies reforms.

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