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Coen Teulings

Montague Burton Chair of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, University of Cambridge

Coen Teulings (1958) is professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge and part-time Professor of Economics at the University of Amsterdam. He served 7 years as president of CPB, the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, the influential ‘Financial Thinktank of the Dutch Government’ that decides on what is affordable in The Hague or not and that does the evaluation of platforms of political parties prior to general elections. Previously, he was CEO of SEO Economic Research in Amsterdam from 2004 until 2006, Professor of Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and director of the Tinbergen Institute from 1998 until 2004.

He became Master of Economics cum laude at the University of Amsterdam in 1985 and in 1990 he got his PhD. His main publications are in the field of labour economics (minimum wages, returns to education and income inequality, job search, marriage markets in cities, and recently on returns to seniority in Econometrica).

Beside his main job, he was a member of the REA, an independent Council of Economic Advisors for the House of Commons and he chaired several committees, e.g. the committee that framed the new examination high school program economics. He is member of a number of supervisory boards and he recently joined the Advisory Panel of the OBR.

He writes a bi-weekly column in the NRC Handelsblad.


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