Stefan Lehner

Director, Own Resources and Multiannual financial framework, European Commission, DG Budget,

Stefan Lehner was born in 1957 in Munich, Germany.  His studies in economics and political science in Munich, Arizona and Hamburg were completed with a diploma in economics in 1983. He joined the European Commission as an administrator in 1985. Initially he worked on European labour market issues, as well as on the preparation of economic and monetary union and on competition policy. In 1994, he joined DG Budget to work on issues related to the EU budget, in particular as member of Cabinet of Commissioner Erkki Liikanen and as Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Michaele Schreyer. Since 2006, Stefan Lehner has been director for « Revenue and the Multiannual Financial Framework » and has participated in the preparation and negotiation of several multiannual financial packages for the EU.

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