Miles Kimball

Professor, Department of Economics, University of Colorado Boulder,

Miles Kimball received his PhD in Economics from the University of Michigan in 1987 and joined the Economics Department at the University of Michigan that year. In 2016, he became the Eugene D. Eaton Jr. Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado Boulder, retiring from his positions as Professor of Economics and Research Professor of Survey Research at the University of Michigan.

Miles's research has focused on business cycle theory and the empirical effects of technology shocks on economic fluctuations, the economics of risk and time, the survey measurement of preference parameters, cognitive economics, and the economics of happiness and the development and application of national well-being indices.

Given events, Miles's blog since 2012, "Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal," has focused on monetary policy and on negative interest rate policy in particular. He is the author of the papers "Negative Interest Rate Policy as Conventional Monetary Policy" and (along with Ruchir Agarwal) "Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound," and is currently working on several other papers on negative interest rate policy. A bibliography of his work on negative interest rate policy can be found on his blog here:…

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