Mikko Spolander

Vice-chair of the Finnish Cost and Income Development Committee,

Mikko Spolander is currently Director and Head of the Stability Unit in the Ministry of Finance. The Unit is responsible for fiscal forecasts, sustainability analysis and analysis of the orientation of fiscal policy in the Ministry.

He is also Vice-Chair of the National Information Committee on Cost and Income Developments, an expert group joining together social partners under the secretarial and analytical support of the Ministry and responsible for monitoring and analysing prices, costs, income and competitiveness as well as wage formation in Finland.

Before that he worked several years as an Economist in the Bank of Finland, including a secondment in the European Central Bank.

Mikko has a strong background in economic policy planning and analysis and economic forecasting. His specialities are public finances and fiscal policy.

He graduated with a Sc.Econ.(Economics) from Helsinki School of Economics.

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