Jonathan Cave

Senior Tutor, Economics, University of Warwick,,

Jonathan Cave is a Senior Fellow at the University of Warwick, where he is attached to the Department of Economics, the Warwick Policy Lab and the Alan Turing Institute. He also serves as Economist Member of the UK’s Regulatory Policy Committee and is associated with a number of policy consultancies. He has been involved with innovation policy and economic growth (including public innovation procurement), e-government, uses of data and the reduction of regulatory burdens since the early 2000’s, especially in work commissioned by UK government (National Audit Office, Ofcom), the European Commission, and the European Parliament. He has conducted many impact assessments and programme evaluations and has been particularly active in research and policy analysis relating to privacy, cybersecurity and the 5G, cloud, IoT and data analytics nexus. He sits on the Ethics Working Group of the Alan Turing Institute and is an editor of the Journal of Cybersecurity.

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