Jasper Wesseling

Deputy director-general, Tax and customs policy and legislation, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands

Jasper Wesseling was born in Leiden, Netherlands in 1966. He was raised in the Netherlands but lived abroad during his childhood for one year in Paris, France and one year in Princeton N.J., USA (high school). After one year of college in Georgetown TX, USA he studied economics at the University of Amsterdam. He specialized in business finance and international economic theory. He graduated in 1991 on the political economy of protection (trade relations).

After a post doc at Erasmus University of Rotterdam he joined the Netherlands ministry of economic affairs. His first position was in the macro-economic department, especially responsible for labour market issues. Subsequently he set up an analysis-unit at the executive agency of the ministry of economic affairs. Then he became manager for central and Eastern Europe responsible for relationships with over 20 countries in this region. Later on as on of the directors at the international agency EVD he was responsible for a far larger number of countries and manager for over 100 people.

In 2004 he started as head of the cabinet of the minister of economic affairs.

In 2008 mr Wesseling started as director for Regional and spatial policy, again at the ministry of economic affairs. Subsequently he became director for Innovation policy and deputy director general for Enterprise and Innovation. In 2017, he transferred to the ministry of Finance and became deputy director-general for tax and customs policy and legislation and director for general tax policy.

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