Anna Ascani

Member of Parliament, Italy,

Anna graduated in political philosophy at the University of Trento, discussing a thesis about “Accountability: the virtue of democratic politics”. In 2014 this was published as a book by Città Nuova. Anna's areas of expertise include politics, philosophy and political leadership development. Anna has been politically engaged since she was eighteen: in 2007 she supported Enrico Letta for the secretariat of Democratic Party. Subsequently she has been engaged in different political roles: in 2011 she assumed the role of spokeswoman for Democratic Women in her region.

Anna then took part in the primary elections for selecting the democratic candidates for Members of Parliament. After obtaining 5463 votes, Anna was elected as one of the youngest Italian MPs at the age of 25. Her main parliamentary activities concern education, youth policies and European affairs. She is a member of the 7th committee in the Camera dei Deputati (Culture, Science, Education); she has been elected as a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.  She is the President of the Youth Intergroup of the Italian Parliament.

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