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Piero Gastaldo

Secretary General, Compagnia di San Paolo

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Building common ground: Towards strategic migration and refugee policies in Europe

This conference declaration was signed on 22 November 2016 at the occasion of the second annual Vision Europe Summit in Lisbon. The signatories are leaders from the eight think tanks and foundations convening the Vision Europe Summit.

By: Yves Bertoncini, Aart de Geus, Robin Niblett, Izabela Styczynska, Piero Gastaldo, Mikko Kosonen, Artur Santos Silva, Guntram B. Wolff and Bruegel Topic: Global economy and trade Date: December 6, 2016
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The refugee crisis: A European call for action

Open Letter by the conveners of the Vision Europe Summit regarding the refugee crisis in Europe and the necessity to act now.

By: Bruegel, Aart de Geus, Artur Santos Silva, Guntram B. Wolff, Mikko Kosonen, Piero Gastaldo, Robin Niblett and Yves Bertoncini Topic: Macroeconomic policy Date: March 18, 2016