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Mattia Di Salvo

Researcher, CEPS

Mattia Di Salvo is a Researcher in the Economic Policy Unit with expertise in migration and international trade. He has provided research to public institutions, foundations and trade and employers’ associations, and has worked on different types of research projects, going from descriptive and econometric analysis and drafting policy recommendation to policy evaluation and business competitiveness.

Mattia has extensive experience in data collection, analysis and creation, both at EU and international level, in areas such as migration, international trade, labour and finance. He has extensive expertise in different methodologies such as econometric analysis using statistical software as STATA, management of large databases and matching of different data sources using programming languages as Python, and dynamic data visualisation using Tableau. He also conducted interviews and surveys in several studies on behalf of the European Commission.

Mattia holds a M.Sc. in Economics and Business – International Economics from Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and a B.Sc. Economics and Finance from Bocconi University. His mother tongue is Italian, he is fluent in English and has basic knowledge of French.

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External Publication

European Parliament

Legal obstacles in Member States to Single Market rules

This study analyses the current state of national obstacles to free movement in the EU Single Market.

By: Erik Dahlberg, Mattia Di Salvo, Katarina Kubovicova, J. Scott Marcus, Sigurd Næss-Schmidt, Jacques Pelkmans, Virginia Dalla Pozza and Laura Virtanen Topic: European Macroeconomics & Governance, European Parliament, Testimonies Date: November 24, 2020