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Macroeconomic policies

Macroeconomic policy and governance

Rigorous and diligent analysis of monetary and fiscal policy as well as structural policies that contribute to economic policy post-pandemic.

Bruegel’s macroeconomic policy research looks at monetary policy, fiscal policy and structural policies that will contribute to economic policies in the post-pandemic era. On monetary policy, our scholars have observed how central banks in advanced economies are being confronted with multiple dilemmas as inflation rises, while the European Central Bank’s pandemic emergency purchase programme continued. On fiscal policy, the main question has been when and how to roll back the stimulus as unemployment levels reached record lows.

Bruegel scholars continue to evaluate the measures put in place during the COVID-19 crisis in EU countries. Our researchers also assess structural policies to be put in place after COVID-19. Even though the horizon remains uncertain, given the evolution of the pandemic, questions such as the future of productivity growth after COVID-19 are important factors for recovery after decades characterised by slow productivity growth in advanced countries.