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ZhōngHuá Mundus

China in the world, as seen from Europe

ZhōngHuá Mundus is a monthly newsletter by Bruegel, bringing you analysis of China in the world, as seen from Europe.

Each edition contains a comment from Alicia García-Herrero, a podcast hosted by Giuseppe Porcaro featuring an external guest, as well as publications from Bruegel experts.



The Belt and Road Initiative transformation makes it a more – not less- useful tool for Chinawith Alessia Amighini, March 2023

How well does China’s reopening bode for the economy? A political economy story, with Steven Ying, February 2023

The boom, bust and future of China's real estate sector, with Yunpeng Zhang, January 2023

China-India relations and their impact on Europe, with Jagannath Panda, December 2022

The geopolitics of semiconductors and what Europe can expect, with Jason Hsu, November 2022

China’s growing influence in the Western Balkans: The case of Serbiawith Mira Milosevich-Juaristi, October 2022

Struck by multiple shocks, China is exhausting its two engines for additional stimulus, with XU Sitao, September 2022

China's tales of the future, with LYU Guangzhao, August 2022

BRI 2.0: A renewed Belt and Road Initiative focused on Asia firstwith Asanga Abeyagoonasekera and Xue Gong, July 2022

Is China bailing Russia out? with Alexander Gabuev, June 2022

China’s dynamic zero-COVID policy is battering an already weak economy, with Jörg Wuttke, May 2022

What to expect from China’s drive for innovationwith Naubahar Sharif and Reinhilde Veuglers, April 2022

Revisiting China-Russia economic relations after the invasion of Ukrainewith Elina Ribakova, March 2022

Human capital, China’s key to escaping the middle-income trap, is still a problemwith Scott Rozelle, February 2022

Japan’s economic relations with China: What can Europe learn? with Yoshikazu Kato, January 2022



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Starting November 2022, this newsletter is an output of China Horizons, Bruegel's contribution in the project Dealing with a resurgent China (DWARC). This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions under grant agreement No. 101061700.

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