The name

The name Bruegel, initially proposed by Mario Monti, can be understood as standing for Brussels European and Global Economic Laboratory. It was also chosen because of the extraordinary evocative potential and resonance of the artistic work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder (the only one in the Bruegel/Breughel painters’ family who adopted this spelling of his name) with the think tank’s aims and identity. Read more.

Pieter Bruegel drew his inspiration from the keen observation of the life of ordinary people and daily economic activity, thus echoing Bruegel‘s concrete orientation and focus on facts-based research and analysis. He also embodied European diversity, having been born in the Netherlands, trained in Flanders and Italy, inspired by painters from Germany (such as Dürer) and elsewhere, before his 1569 death in Spanish-occupied and partly French-speaking Brussels. He lived in a Europe that was marked by disorder but also by intense exchanges across countries, an unprecedented opening to the world and questioning of long-accepted ideas: an era which, for Bruegel the think tank, acts as a stimulating source of inspiration