Research partnerships

Research partnerships

Public research projects

In line with its annual research programmes, Bruegel runs projects which are fully or partially funded by International and European institutions (European Parliament, European Commission, Central Banks, etc.), working on deliverables in close cooperation with some similar research institutions across the world.

Private research partnerships

Bruegel leads different initiatives to intensify and consolidate its links with top research institutes and private foundations around the world. The focus is always on quality content.

Bruegel has developed a number of relationships with its numerous partners and adopts a flexible approach to cooperation with activities focusing on intellectual dialogue through visiting fellowships, common publications, strategic initiatives support directed specifically at private foundations or events such as policy debates with relevant decision-makers and practitioners.

For more information, please contact Alma Kurtovic, project manager.

Visiting Fellowships

Bruegel’s Visiting Fellowship Programme is intended to encourage recognized research scholars, policymakers and practitioners to stay temporarily at Bruegel to conduct research work, to interact with its scholars and to bring insights to its members and audience.

In addition, Bruegel welcomes researchers supported by the European Commission’s Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships programme for International Researchers. We are collecting Expressions of Interests throughout the year. For more information, please contact Pauline Chetail, Public Funding Manager.