Improving the Responses to the Migration and Refugee Crisis in Europe

What must be done to over- come the intra-European conflict and achieve a bal- ance that produces common ground allowing for a po- litical and social

Publishing date
13 February 2017

Formed in January 2015, Vision Europe is a joint project of leading European foundations and think tanks — Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany; Bruegel, Europe; Chatham House, UK; CASE, Poland; Com- pagnia di San Paolo, Italy; Calouste Gulbenkian Foun- dation, Portugal; Jacques Delors Institute, France; and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Finland —, that work together to investigate, debate and, thus, inform and influence policy makers and the public opinion on some of the most pressing public policy challenges that Europe faces today. Through research, publica- tions and an annual summit, they aim to be a forum for debate and a source of recommendations to improve policy-making at both a national and EU level and to foster as appropriate European integration.

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