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The Euro in 2022

An annual review of the euro published jointly by Fundación ICO and Fundación de Estudios Financieros to expand knowledge, raise awareness of the sing

Publishing date
17 February 2022

Fundación ICO and Fundación de Estudios Financieros jointly decided in 2012 to publish an annual review of the Euro, the Yearbook, with the aim of expanding knowledge and raising awareness of the single currency, and suggesting ideas and proposals for strengthening its acceptance and sustainability.

This partnership translates into the regular production of an annual publication to inform readers of the changes that have taken place in the monetary, banking, fiscal, economic, and political union, highlighting progress, limitations and possible shortcomings.

The report, the ninth in the collection, is titled Good Policies, a Gap Year on Reforms. A Yearbook on the Euro 2022. It contains ten chapters, split into three different parts after an introduction on the political landscape; (i) Issues in Monetary Policy; (ii) Issues in Fiscal Policy and (iii) Issues in Regulation. This includes a chapter on rethinking EU fiscal rules by Grégory Claeys and Maria Demertzis.

This report was presented on 17 February 2022 at a joint Bruegel, Fundación de Estudios Financieros (FEF) and Fundación ICO event titled 'A debate on fiscal rules and the new monetary strategy'.

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