China Horizons

Bruegel's contribution in the project Dealing with a resurgent China (DWARC).

Timeline: 11/2022 to 11/2025 

The reemergence of China as a great power is currently one of the most discussed topics in political circles. China Horizons: Dealing with a resurgent China (DWARC) is a three-year research project (2022 - 2025) funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe funding program. It aims to fill the knowledge gaps that still exist in Europe about China.

Bruegel is part of a consortium of nine high-level research institutions involved in the project. In this project, Bruegel focuses primarily on the functioning and future of the Chinese economy, its interactions with the international economic architecture, China's global and regional strategies, and EU-China relations. The project will establish a network of European China experts to facilitate future cooperation in China-related research.

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China Economic Database

Repository of what we consider to be the most relevant macroeconomic data for China and EU-China relations. 

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ZhōngHuá Mundus

ZhōngHuá Mundus is a monthly newsletter by Bruegel as part of the China Horizons (DWARC) project, bringing you analysis of China in the world, as seen from Europe.

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Bruegel team

The project “Dealing With a Resurgent China” (DWARC) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 101061700. 

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