What can the eurozone learn from US monetary history?

Many in the EU look to the USA as a model for monetary union in the Eurozone. But how easy was it to create such a union, and what can Europe learn f

Publishing date
12 August 2016


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The Sound of Economics is a series of podcasts about economic policy, brought to you by Bruegel. Each episode focuses on a key economic policy debate. In this episode we are joined by Jeffry Frieden, Professor of Government at Harvard University.

This podcast was recorded when Jeffry Frieden visited Bruegel on 25 May 2016 to give a lecture on the topic. Bruegel also published an essay by Frieden, based on his lecture.

Watch the lecture | Read the essay


  1. Building the US monetary union
  2. The dollar | From minute 11:30
  3. Lessons for Europe | From minute 13:15


Presenters: Áine Quinn & Bryn Watkins

Producers: Giuseppe Porcaro & Vanessa Cotterell

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