US-China tech bifurcation

Compared to instant decoupling, bifurcation offers a more gradual process that requires clear understanding of the direction and speed of divergence.

Publishing date
10 May 2023

The tech sector has become a key player in the interconnection between economics and geopolitics. It is an essential industry that plays a critical role in shaping national security, supply chains and the consumer side of the economy. However, navigating through the geopolitical and economic challenges facing the tech industry requires an understanding of the bigger picture and the role various countries in those challenges. 

In this episode of The Sound of Economics, Giuseppe Porcaro invites Alicia García-Herrero to discuss the ongoing trend of tech bifurcation between China and the US, the growing divide of two ecosystems and its implications on the rest of the world.

This episode is part of the ZhōngHuá Mundus series of The Sound of Economics.

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