REOPENING EUROPE - Reopening Governance?

This is a summer feature of the Sound of Economics in cooperation with the Reopening Europe project.

Publishing date
22 April 2021

In June 2020, as Europe exited the COVID-19 Lockdown, we traveled more than 2700 kilometres through the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Slovenia and Italy to collect voices from the ground as the borders were reopening.

In this introductory episode, Giuseppe Porcaro chats with Michael Leigh. Their conversation was recorded in Florence on the 23rd of June. Michael is a Bruegel Senior Fellow and also Academic Director of the Masters in European Public Policy at the John Hopkins University in Bologna.

Michael told him about his experience locally in Bologna and they discussed the impact of the pandemic on various levels of government and the future of Europe.

Giuseppe gave Michael some insight about the journey and reveals which border was the only one on the trip where the crew were asked to produce papers.

Episode guest:
Michael Leigh, senior fellow, Bruegel

Hosted by:
Giuseppe Porcaro, head of outreach and governance at Bruegel

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