Money, money, money!

The nature of money is under scrutiny as central banks begin pondering issuing digital currencies

Publishing date
30 April 2021

What is a central bank digital currency (CBDC)? How is it different from the money in a private bank account, or from cryptocurrencies? What do consumers stand to gain from CBDCs? Have cryptocurrencies enabled the creation of the technology needed to guarantee anonymity, privacy and security?

To debunk the myths and get to the bottom of the hows and the whys of CBDCs, this week Giuseppe Porcaro is joined by Bruegel Deputy Director Maria Demertzis and Senior Fellow Gregory Claeys who will tell us just how likely digital currency is to replace the money under our mattress.

Relevant publications and event:

Demertzis, M. (2021) ‘Central bank currencies going digital

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Disruption or transformation: the impact of a digital euro on the financial system with Guntram Wolff and Fabio Panetta

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