Deep Focus: Developing Europe's digital single market

Bruegel senior fellow J. Scott Marcus joins Sean Gibson for this episode of Deep Focus on the 'The Sound of Economics', elaborating on a Bruegel study

Publishing date
12 February 2019

In a study for the European Parliament, Bruegel senior fellow J. Scott Marcus (together with co-authors Georgios Petropoulos and Timothy Yeung) has reviewed the gains delivered so far by these new measures, insofar as they can yet be determined. The authors also look at what the next legislative term might deliver, what realistic progress can be expected and what business remains unfinished regarding measures implemented by the current Commission.

Speaking to Bruegel press officer Sean Gibson in this episode of the Deep Focus podcast series, Scott Marcus specifies some of the real achievements that the DSM can - and, indeed, has begun to - deliver for both consumers and producers. More broadly, the DSM is put in the context of efforts to digitise European society, specifically how well policies towards the former are keeping pace with the latter.

We invite you to review the research paper in question in this episode, but also recommend consulting Scott Marcus' testimony before the European Parliament Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO)

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