Backstage: Brexit consequences for EU’s ICT policy

Bruegel senior fellow Scott Marcus welcomes former European Regulators Group chairman Kip Meek to explore the consequences of Brexit for ICT policy-ma

Publishing date
25 September 2018

The divorce of the UK from the European Union will have far-reaching consequences for all sectors, but what will be the balance of continuity and disruption in the sphere of ICT regulation?

With the terms of separation and the nature of the UK’s future relationship with the EU yet to be finalised, there are still many variables that could affect the final outlook. Nevertheless, we can explore the industry’s broader regulatory inclinations, as well as the areas that are most vulnerable to any serious disruption.

Reflecting on the most essential problems that Brexit will pose to the ICT industry, Bruegel senior fellow J. Scott Marcus is joined in conversation by Kip Meek, former chairman of the European Regulators Group.

For further reading, we recommend a blog post written by Scott Marcus on the question of whether mobile roaming arrangements can be maintained between the UK and EU post-Brexit.

Kip Meek appeared as a panellist at an International Telecommunications Society conference in Trento, Italy in August 2018, in a session moderated by Scott Marcus.

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