Silke Wettach

EU Correspondent, WirtschaftsWoche,

Silke Wettach has been reporting since 2002 as EU correspondent for WirtschaftsWoche from Brussels. Growing up in Germany, Greece and Ireland, the half-Austrian learned early on that Europe is loud, colorful and contradictory. After studying economics at Trinity College Dublin and at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), she volunteered at the Fürstenfeldbruck editorial board of the Münchner Merkur. She subsequently learned the news business as an editor at the VWD news agency. During her time at the Düsseldorf-based editorial office of WirtschaftsWoche, she received the Young Scientist Award from the Ludwig Erhard Foundation. In 2000, she spent two months as a fellow of the International Journalists Program (IJP) with the daily El Financiero in Mexico City. 

She speaks five languages ​​and can read a few more. In Brussels, Wettach values ​​the variety of topics, the internationality and, of course, the good food.

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