Sheri Markose

Professor of Economics, University of Essex,

Sheri Markose is a Professor of Economics at the University of Essex. She was a Senior Consultant (2011–2014) at the Financial Stability Unit of the Reserve Bank of India where she oversaw the financial network project for systemic risk management. She was the founding Director (2002–2009) of the multidisciplinary Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents, which pioneered a postgraduate curriculum in Economics and Finance that uses agent-based modelling and complexity economics. In 2013, she was an academic advisor to the OTC Derivatives Coordination Group of the BCBS and FSB for the Macroeconomic Impact Assessment of OTC Derivatives Regulatory Reforms (MAGD). Her recent publications include systemic risk analytics for financial networks, CCPs and OTC derivatives reforms,and also risk modelling using extreme value theory.

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