Paolo Angelini

Deputy Governor, Bank of Italy,

Born in Siena in 1958, he is married with one son.

Member of the Governing Board and Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy (Presidential Decree of 15 April 2021). In this capacity, he is also a member of the joint Governing Board of the Insurance Supervisory Authority (IVASS). Member of the Governing Board of the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF).

He graduated cum laude in economics from the University of Siena in 1986. In 1997 he was a Fulbright scholar at Kansas University. The following year, he went to Brown University, on a 'B. Stringher' scholarship from the Bank of Italy and another scholarship from the Einaudi Institute. Here, he worked as a teaching assistant and was awarded an M.A. in economics in 1989 and a Ph.D. in economics in 1994.

From 1990 to 2011, Mr Angelini was assigned to the monetary and financial sector of the Economic Research Department of the Bank of Italy where, from 1998 to 2003, he headed the Department's Monetary Analysis unit. From 2011 to 2013, he helped set up and run the Financial Stability Unit, which in 2014 became the Financial Stability Directorate. He was a member of the Advisory Scientific Committee of the European Systemic Risk Board (from 2012 to 2019) and the European Central Bank's Financial Stability Committee (from 2015 to 2019).

From January 2014 to June 2019, he was Deputy Director General for Financial Supervision and Regulation.

On 1 July 2019, he was made Managing Director and from July 2019 to April 2021, was Director General for Financial Supervision and Regulation.

Mr Angelini's scientific papers on monetary policy issues, money markets, credit rationing and business development, banks and interbank payment systems, have been published in numerous Italian and international journals, including Giornale degli Economisti, Economic Notes, American Economic Review, Journal of Monetary Economics, and Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

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