Headshot of Malgorzata Kaluzynska

Małgorzata Kałużyńska

Director, EU Economic Department, Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland


Małgorzata Kałużyńska is Director of the EU Economic Department in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

The Department has a leading role in dossiers: negotiations of financial frameworks of the EU budget, strategic autonomy, foresight, relations between EU and UK, as well as deals with EU economic policies, energy and climate policy.

Prior to this post, Małgorzata worked as Director of the Department for Analyses and Strategies in Office of the Committee for European Integration. Previously, she also worked as Director of the Department for Economic Regulations of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland. Her professional career started in 2000 in the Office of the Committee for European Integration, where she worked in the Department of Support for the Accession Negotiations and Department for Economic and Social Analyses.

Małgorzata Kałużyńska holds a Master's degree in International Economics and Political Relations from the Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) and was a fellow at the Sussex European Institute at the University of Sussex (United Kingdom).

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