Jens Henriksson

CEO Folksam,

Mr. Henriksson is the current CEO for the Swedish insurance company Folksam. His previously held positions include CEO of Stockholm Stock Exchange, and Executive Officer and board member of the
International Monetary Fund. Mr Henriksson also holds experience from the Swedish Ministry of Finance, where he was active 1994-2006 and held positions as a political advisor and State Secretary. In 2007-2008 he was a visiting Scholar at Bruegel

With extensive experience from both the public and private sectors in Sweden and internationally, Mr Henriksson often features in public policy debates. His book titled “Ten Lessons about Budget
Consolidation" was published during his time as Senior Policy Fellow at Bruegel and he has also contributed as columnist to Svenska Dagbladet.

Mr. Henriksson holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering and Economics from Lund University and a fil. Lic. in economics from Stockholm University.

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