Jean Luc Demarty

Director General, European Commission, DG TRADE,

Jean-Luc Demarty has been Director-General for Trade in the European Commission since January 2011.

The common commercial policy is one of the most important policies of the European Union, of which it is an exclusive competence.

As such, the Directorate-General for TRADE (“DG TRADE”) is responsible for negotiating, implementing and enforcing bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral trade agreements on goods, services, investments, public procurement and intellectual property.

DG TRADE is also responsible for preparing and implementing trade legislation, more specifically trade defense measures, such as anti-dumping.

The main on-going negotiations include: the DDA multilateral negotiation under the WTO; the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the United States (TTIP); free-trade agreements with Japan, India, MERCOSUR, several ASEAN countries; and the Geneva plurilateral negotiations on services (TISA) and information technologies (ITA).

Prior to joining DG TRADE, Jean-Luc Demarty was Director-General in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development (“DG AGRI”), in the European Commission (2005-2010). He previously held several senior management functions in DG AGRI and in the Directorate-General for Research.

Previously, Jean-Luc Demarty was Advisor in the Private Office of Jacques Delors; first, from 1981 until 1984, while Mr Delors was Minister of Economy, Finance and Budget of the French Republic; then, from 1988 to 1995, while Mr Delors was President of the European Commission. Jean-Luc Demarty also worked as analyst and advisor in economic policy, including agriculture, at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Budget of the French Republic.

Jean-Luc Demarty graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique of Paris (1974) and from the Ecole du Génie Rural et des Eaux et Forêts of Paris (1976). Of French nationality, he was born in 1952 in Reims, Champagne, where he followed secondary school in the Jesuit College. He resides in Brussels with his wife; they have three children and are grand-parents.

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