Colin Ellis

Chief Credit Officer in EMEA, Moody's Investors Service,

Colin Ellis is Moody’s Chief Credit Officer in EMEA. He is responsible for the quality and consistency of Moody’s credit standards, and the methodologies which underlie them, across all franchises within the region.

Colin joined Moody’s in February 2012, initially working in Credit Policy to lead the work of the Macroeconomic Board and author the quarterly Global Macro Outlook. He subsequently worked in the Financial Institutions Group, developing quantitative forward-looking analyses of sectors and institutions, including modelling asset trends and stress testing.

Previously Colin has worked at the Bank of England, Daiwa Capital Markets and the BVCA. Colin is a Visiting Research Fellow in the economics department at Birmingham University, and has published on topics ranging from investment and pricing to private equity and data uncertainty. He is also a Fellow of the RSA.

Colin holds degrees from York University, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Middlesex University. He is based in London.

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