Ajay Gambhir

Advanced Research Fellow, Imperial College London,

Ajay Gambhir is an Advanced Research Fellow at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London. He uses energy system and integrated assessment models to explore low-carbon transition pathways. He has held economist and policy positions in the UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change and the UK Committee on Climate Change. He has Masters degrees in Economics (University of London) and Chemical Engineering (University of Cambridge) and a PhD in Energy Economics (Imperial College London).

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Perspective of comprehensive and comprehensible multi-model energy and climate science in Europe

A comprehensive and comprehensible multi-model framework offers a real example of “collective” science diplomacy, as an instrument to further support

Georg Zachmann, Haris Doukas, Ajay Gambhir, Dirk-Jan van de Ven, Alexandros Nikas, Glen Peters, Mikel Gonzalez-Eguino, Evelina Trutnevyte, Konstantinos Koasidis, Henrik Lund, Jakob Zinck Thellufsen, Didier Mayer, Luis Javier Miguel, Noelia Ferreras Alonso, Ida Sognnæs, Enzo Colombo, Mark Howells, Adam D. Hawkes, Machteld Van Den Broek and Alexandros Flamos