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Bruegel’s distinctive nature rests on a balanced partnership between private and public stakeholders.

Bruegel is a non-profit international association under Belgian law (AISBL), governed by its Statutes and its Bylaws. Bruegel’s highest decision-making forum is the General Assembly consisting of Bruegel’s members. It confirms the Board and elects six of its members directly. 

The Board is chaired by Erkki Liikanen. The Board decides on strategy, adopts the research programme and budget and appoints the Director and the Deputy Director each for a period of three years renewable twice. Bruegel’s former chairs Leszek Balcerowicz and Jean Claude Trichet are honorary chairmen of Bruegel. Mario Monti is the founding chairman of Bruegel.
The Director – currently Jeromin Zettelmeyer – is responsible for the executive management of Bruegel, with the assistance of other managers. They prepare the Board meetings, the research programme, annual work plan, budget, and annual report and present them to the Board. The Director and Deputy are responsible for the editorial direction, exercise editorial oversight of publications and control the quality of output. Bruegel takes no institutional standpoint and publications reflect the views of the authors only. Bruegel’s Scientific Council advises on research and provides regular academic appraisals of published papers.

The Scientific Council is appointed by the Board and advises Bruegel’s management and staff, as well as the Board, on research. It also evaluates the quality of Bruegel’s research. The chairperson of the Scientific Council attends Board meetings.

Every three years the Scientific -Council delivers an evaluation report. This report informs the research strategy and serves as a basis for the work of the review task force, a diverse and independent group appointed by members every three years to evaluate all aspects of Bruegel’s work, from research to management (Review Task Force Report 2019).

Bruegel is comprised of a core fellowship of top researchers from around the world, Resident, Non-resident and Affiliate, plus a team of operational staff. It also operates a Visiting Fellow programme, which allows researchers from around the world to contribute to Bruegel’s work for a limited time, normally visiting from another institution.

For any questions on membership and Bruegel more generally, please do not hesitate to contact Giuseppe Porcaro, head of outreach, governance & HR ([email protected]).