Why are concrete economic proposals so important before the EU elections?

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21 May 2024
Maria Demertzis
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Bruegel will host its second European Union election debate, co-organised with the Financial Times, today at 17:00 CEST. In this debate, we will hear directly from the European parties’ lead candidates for the European Commission’s top job. Like in all elections, there is a lot at stake and we want to hear from the lead candidates about how they plan to deal with the main economic challenges facing the EU: reinforcing a single market that can deliver, promoting and ensuring economic security and finally, finding ways how the EU can find the financial means needed to invest in its own future. 

In the debate, we hope to touch on many other related issues like EU energy and climate policies, the future of enlargement, global multilateralism and how the EU should deal with global economic tensions, like the emerging wave of trade tariffs. How can the EU maintain a global voice so that it can protect its interests but also remain faithful to openness and multilateralism? 

Our guests will represent four of the biggest European parties in the polls, the European People’s Party, Renew Europe Now, the Party of European Socialists and the Identity and Democracy Party. We hope to ask questions that will draw concrete suggestions from the candidates, which can hopefully translate into policy actions. The next Commission leaders will have to hit the ground running when selected, putting proposals for multiple issues on the table almost immediately. As well as actively seeking to find consensus among EU countries, they must be prepared to set the political agenda for the next five years. 

Our debate aims to help provide clear information, well thought out arguments and clear recommendations that can help European citizens form a decision when they cast their vote this June. 

We hope you will watch today's debate and use your vote in June!

Tune into the livestream of the Economic choices for Europe: EU leadership debate 2024 from 17:00 CEST today, here:

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  • Maria Demertzis

    Maria Demertzis is a Senior fellow at Bruegel and part-time Professor of Economic Policy at the Florence School of Transnational Governance at the European University Institute. She was Bruegel’s Deputy Director until December 2022. She has previously worked at the European Commission and the research department of the Dutch Central Bank. She has also held academic positions at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in the USA and the University of Strathclyde in the UK, from where she holds a PhD in economics. She has published extensively in international academic journals and contributed regular policy inputs to both the European Commission's and the Dutch Central Bank's policy outlets. She contributes regularly to national and international press and has regular column that appears twice a month in various EU newspapers and on Bruegel’s opinion page.

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