Welfare policy

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27 October 2016

An anatomy of inclusive growth in Europe

This Blueprint offers an in-depth analysis of inequalities of income and wealth in the EU, as well as their causes and consequences. How evenly are th

12 October 2016

Income inequality through decades and books

Discussions on inequality are gathering momentum in policy and academia. One indication of this trend is the frequency of the word “income inequality”

18 July 2016

Racial prejudice in police use of force

What’s at stake: This week was dominated by a new study by Roland Fryer exploring racial differences in police use of force. His counterintuitive resu

13 June 2016

The cyclicality of structural reforms

What’s at stake: In line with the crisis-induced reform hypothesis, European countries have since 2010 enacted unpopular reforms in labour market regu

18 February 2016

Child benefits for EU migrants in the UK

Statistics referenced by the House of Commons suggest that 0.26 percent of total UK child benefit claims are paid to EU migrants whose children live i