Monetary policy

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16 October 2014

How tight is China’s monetary policy?

There have been definite signs of monetary loosening in China in recent weeks. Nevertheless, for almost a year, the debate continues to rage over whet

16 October 2014

How loose is China’s monetary policy?

On the contrary, among the major central banks, the PBC appears to have tightened the most since the global financial crisis, on the basis of both ex-

14 July 2014

Blogs review: U.S. inflation and growth

What’s at stake: Most discussions over the past few weeks on the blogosphere have centered around whether the U.S. economy is, eventually, gainin

05 June 2014

Interactive map: Debt & inflation

Yesterday’s inflation flash estimates published by Eurostat show a Euro Area (EA) annual inflation of 0.5 percent, down from 0.7 percent in