Fiscal policy

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18 May 2015

Is the economy stationary?

What’s at stake: The question of whether capitalist economies are self-correcting and will eventually revert to mean growth has received renewed inter

07 April 2015

Secular stagnation and capital flows

What’s at stake: Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve and new blogger Ben Bernanke has generated many discussions this week by challenging the secul

03 December 2014

The ECB’s balance sheet, if needed

In his press conference on November 6th, ECB President Mario Draghi pledged monetary stimulus, although only “if needed.” These words have won Mr

25 November 2014

How can Europe avoid secular stagnation?

Larry Summers crystallized an important question in a recent speech: Has the world economy entered a period of “secular stagnation”? The slow rec

10 January 2013

Options for a Euro-area fiscal capacity

This Policy Contribution is based on a briefing paper for the European Parliament Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee’s Monetary Dialogue: Europe