Financial crisis

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01 February 2016

Blaming the Fed for the Great Recession

What’s at stake: Following an article in the New York Times by David Beckworth and Ramesh Ponnuru, the conversation on the blogosphere was dominated t

16 November 2015

The persistence of slow growth

What’s at stake: The persistence of slow economic growth in the Great Recession has been puzzling. Two recent papers have tried to present a coherent

26 October 2015

The global debt overhang

What’s at stake: Seven years after the financial crisis, recovery is still weak in most parts of the global economy. The general debt overhang across

26 August 2015

The rolling global crisis will come home

When productivity growth slows down, there are two choices: to invest in the future or to live within one’s means. Instead, policymakers preoccupied w

15 February 2013

Can Europe recover without credit?

Data from 135 countries covering five decades suggests that creditless recoveries, in which the stock of real credit does not return to the pre-crisis