European monetary union

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24 August 2014

For a Euro Community

We are absolutely convinced that a new momentum can and must be given, and a new milestone reached. The time is now. Citizens who wish to support the

03 December 2012

A budget for Europe's monetary union

In a monetary union, national fiscal deficits are of limited help to counteract deep recessions; union-wide support is needed. A common euro-area budg

14 September 2012

The fiscal implications of a banking union

Systemic banking crises are a threat to all countries whatever their development level. They can entail major fiscal costs that can undermine the sus

30 March 2012

The messy rebuilding of Europe

The euro crisis and subsequent policy responses have challenged the assumptions underpinning the euro-area's governance, and the relationship bet

30 August 2010

Not all financial regulation is global

Financial regulation at global level has been high on the G20 agenda. However, financial multipolarity, with the rise of emerging economies, and its i