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31 March 2016

Is the oil price-GDP link broken?

Oil prices fell to a 12-year low at the beginning of 2016. We find that the drop in the past two years was primarily driven by expectations. In fact,

24 February 2016

Re-powering electricity markets

Europe talks a lot about energy market reforms, but what is the global context? Which measures would be most effective in delivering the kind of energ

25 January 2016

Oil and stock prices

What’s at stake: The recent positive link between oil and stock prices has been puzzling for most observers. While a decrease in the price of oil was

21 January 2016

Oil prices and inflation expectations

The price of crude oil has fallen even further in recent weeks, as have financial market measures of inflation expectations in the euro area, the US a

21 December 2015

When will the EU switch away from coal?

In the US, electricity producers are switching from coal to less polluting natural gas thanks to lower gas prices. However in the EU, the carbon price