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30 September 2014

Tweaking China’s loan-deposit ratio rule

In the wake of the latest easing of Chinese monetary policy, the CBRC, China’s banking regulator, has recently modified a few details of how it c

26 July 2014

Is the BRICS rise over?

The BRICS name is certainly here to stay, and in terms of global governance, their influence is likely to rise as a group because of this development.

19 March 2014

China and the renminbi matures

In economic terms, China is becoming more of an adult, and the renminbi is becoming a grown-up currency. Russia's actions in Ukraine have prompte

17 February 2014

Decoded: BRICS

In the near future, the term ‘BRICS’ may become a synonym for countries whose growth rate returned to normal after achieving rapid growth for a certai