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27 November 2014

Unbundling Google users from Europe

The European Parliament is about to approve a motion calling for the unbundling of Google's services. But the proposal misses the point: will consumer

30 September 2014

The economics of Uber

Uber, the innovative ridesharing service, has recently generated a lot of anger from the taxi industry because it enabled market entry for many privat

06 July 2014

Cold water on Europe’s digital dream

Cold water has been poured on Europe’s digital dream on Wednesday this week. The decision that European Commissioner for Competition Joaquín Almunia j

16 October 2013

Users could be losers in 'EU vs Google'

The debate misses a crucial point: the purpose of antitrust law is to protect consumers, not competitors. Google’s undue penalization of a p

27 November 2012

Smart choices for growth

Recovery in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain is held back in part by structural barriers. Overcoming these requires structural reform and public inve

26 October 2012

Blogs review: the patent war in IT

What’s at stake: Apple’s recent victory in its ongoing dispute over IP rights with Samsung has received a great deal of attention from regulators, aca

20 June 2012

ICT for growth: a targeted approach

This policy contribution assesses the broad obstacles hampering ICT-led growth in Europe and identifies the main areas in which policy could unlock