Digital currencies

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11 May 2021

Crypto… mania

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay but are unlikely to be considered a credible alternative to money anytime soon.

30 April 2021

Money, money, money!

The nature of money is under scrutiny as central banks begin pondering issuing digital currencies

27 April 2021

Central bank currencies going digital

Electronic cash might be the future, but it is still unclear what payment innovation it offers for the public, certainly in the euro area. And it is u

14 April 2021

A digital yuan?

China is moving towards a digital currency but there is a long way to go.

16 March 2021

The four pillars of a digital strategy

The European Commission’s digital compass attempts to build strong fundamentals. It is a start. An ambitious digital agenda however requires a strate

26 January 2021

Platform mergers and antitrust

This paper sets out a framework for addressing competition concerns arising from acquisitions in big platform ecosystems.