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09 December 2015

Comments on the Five Presidents' Report

Presentation on the Five Presidents’ Report delivered at the Dutch Senate's Standing Committee for European Affairs, Finance and Economic Affairs on 8

01 September 2015

The globalisation of angel investments

Nature and consequences of angel investments across a variety of geographies with varying levels of venture capital markets and other forms of risk ca

26 August 2015

The dragon sneezes, Europe catches a cold

European stock prices, financial contagion and the trade exposure to China. How the turmoil in China’s stock market is affecting European stock market

01 July 2015

Bond markets remaining calm

Following on from our blog on Monday, we take another look at the intra-day developments in the sovereign bond markets. So far, there appear to be no

28 June 2015

(Lack of a) reaction in euro area yields

With the current situation in the ongoing Greek debt negotiations taking a turn for the worse this weekend, we take a look at other Euro area interest

13 November 2014

Defining Europe's Capital Markets Union

The new European Commission has signalled that it will work to create a ‘capital markets union’. This is understood as an agenda to expand the non-ban