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What to expect from COP21?

As the COP21 conference approaches, what are the political and economic considerations?


Jos Delbeke

Professor, School of Transnational Governance, EUI

Former Director General, European Commission, DG Clima

The Paris climate summit (COP21) is fast approaching and important elements of a possible agreement are emerging. What is already certain is that any agreement will be as much political and economic as it is environmental. So what are the considerations that most impact decarbonisation policies? Does a consistent picture emerge?

Thomas Spencer gave a presentation on the contributions (INDCs) submitted by the parties ahead of COP21. In a subsequent panel debate Simone Mori gave the perspective of industry and Jos Delbeke a point of view from the Commission.


Event Materials

Thomas Spencer - Presentation
Simone Mori - Presentation
Bruegel Event Notes