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Transition for all: equal opportunities in an unequal world

How inclusive is growth in transition countries? Post-communist countries are becoming more prosperous but many people are being left behind, risking



Post-communist societies have achieved remarkable successes, finally closing the happiness gap with people on similar incomes in non-transition countries. However, failure to deliver a fair distribution of the fruits of progress may lead to setbacks in political and economic development.

This event featured a presentation of the EBRD Transition Report 2016-17. The report tracks the successes of post-communist countries but also reveals that not everyone has shared in this growing economic prosperity.

It warns that “Countries where the majority of people perceived reforms to be designed for somebody else’s gain saw the reversal of both political and economic transition.” These perceptions have led to the emergence of anti-reform populists and crony capitalism.

EVENT Materials

EBRD TRansition Report 2016-17: Transition for all: Equal opportunities in an unequal world

Sergei Guriev - Presentation

Zsolt Darvas - Presentation

EBRD Podcast: Pocket Economics: Inequality and how to fight it