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The transformation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: What is in it for Europe?

Closed-door event discussing China's BRI project.

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Dominic Porter

Head of Division, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mongolia, European External Action Service

Eva Valle Lagares

Minister Counsellor, Head of Trade, Delegation of the EU to China, European External Action Service


Check-in and coffee





China’s flagship project, The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), has gone through an important transformation in the last few years. Such transformation has not only followed the deterioration of China’s image globally but also debt problems in several BRI geographies. China is repackaging its economic engagement abroad with the introduction of several new – so far rather nebulous – concepts, such as the “Global Development Initiative”, the “Global Security Initiative”, and the “Community with a shared future for mankind”. What is behind these new buzzwords? Where does China stand with the Belt and Road? What can Europe expect of China’s future involvement abroad?

This event is organised by Bruegel in cooperation with Asia Centre and the Mercator Institute for China Studies in the frame of the research project China Horizons - Dealing with a resurgent China (DWARC)*

This is an output of China Horizons, Bruegel's contribution in the project Dealing with a resurgent China (DWARC). This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions under grant agreement No. 101061700.

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