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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): Towards regulatory convergence?

The US and the EU have just launched the TTIP negotiations. The envisaged deep agreement would provide a boost to trade and economic growth to the two transatlantic economic powers, as well as reinforce their global influence as international standard and rules setters. However, and despite different studies having already outlined the benefits of TTIP, the debate on the feasibility of a deep agreement and even on its desirability is still open.Given that tariffs between the EU and the US are already low, the TTIP will have to focus on elimination and convergence of non-tariff barriers and cross-border regulations, which are far more politically sensitive and administratively difficult to tackle. Hence, a more nuanced view of the potential net gains from the TTIP calls for careful analysis and discussion on the nature and feasibility of coherence in the EU and the US regulatory systems. And in doing so, lessons from the EU’s experience with the creation of the Single Market will be useful to recall and benchmark against.

Event materials

  • Event summary download
  • Gabriel Felbermayr, Lessons from Europe‘s internal market for TTIP, presentation download
  • Patrick Messerlin, Lessons from the EU Internal Market, presentation download
  • Constanze Picking, Regulatory cooperation: what coherence can and should TTIP achieve?, presentation download


14.00 Welcome & Introduction

14.15-15.30 Current state, opportunities and pitfalls of the TTIP discussions: What regulatory coherence can and should TTIP achieve?

  • Denis Redonnet, DG Trade, European Commission
  • Constanze Picking, US Chamber of Commerce
  • Edward Barker, UK treasury

15.30-17.00 Lessons from Europe’s internal market for TTIP: how does regulatory coherence work and has been developed within the single market

  • Almorò Rubin de Cervin, DG Markt, European Commission
  • Gabriel Felbermayr, Head of Department International Trade, Ifo Institute & Faculty of Economics, University of Munich
  • Patrick Messerlin, Sciences Po, Paris

Practical details

Venue: Bruegel, Rue de la Charité 33, 1210 BrusselsTime: Thursday 18 July 2013, 14:00 - 17:00Contact: Matilda Sevón, Events Coordinator - matilda.sevon[at]bruegel.org