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Three data realms: Managing the divergence between the EU, the US and China in the digital sphere

How do major economies differ in their regulation of digital trade, and how can we best deal with the risks posed by diverging regulatory regimes?


Esa Kaunistola

Director, Trade and Industrial Policy, European Government Affairs, Microsoft,

Susan Ariel Aaronson

Research Professor and Director of the Digital Trade and Data Governance Hub, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

Henry Gao

Law professor, Singapore Management University

Senior fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation

Video Recording

Digitalisation is fundamentally changing international trade. But while it comes with many positives, there are challenges as well. For instance, in digital trade physical presence is not necessary but is often legally required. Since major economies have addressed these challenges in different manners, it has resulted in diverging regulatory regimes, making it increasingly difficult to trade services across borders.

At this event we looked at the differences in how three major economies, the EU, US and China, regulate digital trade, and how these divergences risk to fracture the digital sphere.