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Talks@Bruegel: trade policy with Bernd Lange

Invitation-only event featured Bernd Lange, who talk ed on the subject of the future of EU trade policy.

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Bernd Lange

Chair, International Trade Committee, European Parliament


Check-in and lunch




  • Chair: Giuseppe Porcaro, Former Head of Outreach, Governance and Human Resources
  • Bernd Lange, Chair, International Trade Committee, European Parliament

In an increasingly interconnected yet fragmented world marked by globalisation, the EU faces a complex and pivotal challenge of shaping its trade policy. The traditional landscape of global trade, once characterised by predictable patterns, has been disrupted by the emergence of protectionist measures, the Net Zero Industry Act, Inflation Reduction Act and the formation of regional blocs. With a long-standing commitment to open markets and global economic integration, the EU trade policy faces new prospects and changes in these uncertain times.

We engaged with Bernd Lange in this conversation to discuss the EU's trade policy in an era of global fragmentation.

Closed-door | Chatham House rule