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Smart power market panel debate

By the year 2020, European member states are planning to connect 104 GW of wind power to the power distribution system. Most of the debate so far has centered on grid expansion, but of equal importance is the power distribution system - whether and how it will accommodate the integration of renewables. Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and Bruegel have invited key policymakers and power sector players to attend this discussion, featuring Karsten Neuhoff (CPI and DIW Berlin), Peter van de Burg (Tennet Germany) and Alain Marien (CREG, ERGEG working group on congestion management). The session was chaired by Andrea Hercsuth (European Commission, DG Energy). Karsten Neuhoff shared the results of CPI’s recent EU research project, which addresses power market design options, and more specifically how these options address the integration of wind production.